Toxin Free Makeup

Toxin Free Makeup

What is holding you back in switching to toxin free makeup?

For me, it was HANDS DOWN the lack of performance from the foundations I’ve tried. It’s always the first thing I test out when trying a new brand because it’s what I put the rest of my makeup on top of. What’s the point of putting on makeup if it doesn’t even work?

About 3 years ago, I started working part time in a small apothecary that specialized in conscious beauty. I was able to test out (and get great discounts on, lol) some really amazing toxic-free brands. However, I was never able to find a foundation that outperformed my current drugstore faves, so I never made the switch.

I’ve been looking ever since and I’m happy to report I F I N A L L Y found it!

Crunchi focuses on delivering toxin free products that really work, and in my opinion, outperform the big name brands. Their list of blacklisted ingredients is so extensive that I am baffled how they came up with SUCH amazing products!

The products pictured below are just my personal faves from the line, but I own almost everything on their site.

If you’re looking into switching over to toxin free makeup and wanna know more about this brand, leave a comment below!post 1 crunchi intro

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