The Best Toxin Free Dry Shampoo

For those of you who own Crunchi’s Flawless Finishing Powder or if you’re just looking for a toxin free dry shampoo…I’ve discovered an awesommmmme hack!

I get so many questions about my fave dry shampoo, and I usually recommend the Innersense foaming one….but this beats that HANDS DOWN.

How it’s done:

1️⃣ Tap a bit of the of Crunchi’s #nofilter powder into the cap
2️⃣ Swirl a tiny amount onto a clean fluffy brush
3️⃣ Apply to the roots of your hair

That is IT! I am still totally shocked at how well this worked. Another thing to not is that you only need a teeny tiny amount to “shampoo” your whole head. I purchased this back and mid August and I still have half a container left.

* please excuse my dirty hair in this photo, which shows my hair 5 (gasp 😱, yes 5 lol) days dirty. The next picture is right after I applied the powder. The greasiness was totally gone and there was no icky residue feeling left behind! Just dry fluffiness!

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