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Toxin Free Diapers

👶🏼 Have you ever given much thought to what diapers are made up of? ðŸ‘¶ðŸ¼

Ummmm…this is something that didn’t even occur to me when we first had Juliette. Our main goals were:
1️⃣ No leaks/explosions lol
2️⃣ Cheap!
3️⃣ Quick delivery if ordering online

What I never took into consideration was the make up of the typical diaper. Most popular brands contain the following:

❌ Dioxins: these come from bleaching the cotton with chlorine. There have been studies showing that dioxins can cause impairments to the immune system, nervous system, endocrine system as well as reproductive functions. They may cause skin reactions as well as alter the function of the liver. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), classify dioxins as being among the most toxic chemicals known to science and they list them as highly carcinogenic chemicals.

❌ Sodium Polyacrylate: this is an absorbent filler in many brands of diapers. You may have even SEEN it in your little ones diaper before…it looks like little gel-like crystals that stick to the skin (i have most DEFINITELY seen this in Juliette’s dipes if I leave them on her too long…so scary!). These little gel crystals can cause skin irritation, leading to diaper rash and even respiratory problems. Here’s a NOT so fun fact about this little doozy of a chemical: it was removed from tampons due to toxic shock syndrome

❌ Tributyl-tin (TBT): this is classified as toxic to aquatic life and causes endocrine disruption in aquatic life. This chemical is also not biodegradable and it remains in our food chain, and there have been studies linking it to obesity.

There are so many other crazy chemicals that can be found in diapers, I will link a few of my resources below so that if your interested you can look through everything:…/Disposable-Diapers.html…/dioxins-and-their-effects-on-human-he……/2008/…/081201081921.htm

🦒 I recently stumbled upon this company that not only makes SAFE diapers for your little one, but you can get a monthly subscription delivered to your door! ðŸ¦’

It’s called Dyper, and they make biodegradable bamboo diapers that ship directly to your door! ðŸ“¦

They are a little pricey in my personal opinion, but every one has different things they would prefer to invest in and I cannot think of a better investment than a sweet little babes health!

I also checked out their other products, they have a diaper cream, wipes, a diaper pail with biodegradable bags, and a super site diaper bag ðŸ’ðŸ»â€â™€ï¸

300x300 Diapers for $64/month
Dyper has created the safest diaper for the most precious of customers. Our diapers use the TCF fluff pulp and are free of harmful chemicals and are not printed to avoid the use of inks and alcohol.

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