✨ For those of y’all that are new here I thought I’d take a moment to tell a little bit about myself and how Glam & Green started!✨

I’m Lauren, a wife/mom living in Houston, TX, and I wanna start off by saying THANK YOU for being a part of this community! We are at ALL different stages in our toxin free journeys, so you can rest assured that you belong here 🤗

I began this page when I discovered a toxin free cosmetic brand called Crunchi. You’ll hear me mention this brand often as I am an advocate for Crunchi and completely obsessed with their products. I discuss everything from how to detect if a product has safe ingredients, to topics related to your health and well-being 🌱

You may be wondering how I stumbled upon Crunchi? 💭

It all really started about 5 years ago when my Aunt was diagnosed with cancer. Everyone knows someone (or let’s face it…multiple someone’s) that has this ugly disease. 😔

That same year my husband and I were moved to California for his job. I found a part time position in a clean beauty shop…and I honestly had no idea what “clean beauty” even was at the time 😂 I LOVED working in that store! Trying all the makeup, getting to know the customers, learning why these beauty products were so different than the rest….💄

Eventually I started switching my beauty routine over to what I assumed to be safer brands. I didn’t really know what made them safer and why the ingredients in those brands were different than my beloved MAC foundation!

Then the next event happened…we found out we were expecting. And THAT’S when I started actually researching the individual ingredients in the cosmetic and personal care products I was using everyday. I’m gonna try and make a long story short here and connect all the dots for y’all:

👉🏼 What I found was that MANY ingredients in the various products we use EVERYDAY were causing illnesses and reproductive issues in the population…awful cancer included.

👉🏼 As I looked further, I found out even many of the brands I thought were toxin free were actually Greenwashed (basically misleading marketing). I began searching high and low and trying out new products, and it took me a couple years but I finally stumbled upon Crunchi.

I wish I could say the rest is history, but shortly after finding Crunchi and falling in love with their products…I had a miscarriage. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself and allowing myself to dwell on it, I decided to become an advocate. Not only for Crunchi, but for safe beauty in general! Crunchi gave me the platform and training that I needed to get started, and from there this page kind of just blossomed! 🌸

My aunt passed away this January, and every day since has been a struggle for my family and I. But every time I log onto Facebook and look at this little corner of the internet, I find a little bit of peace and it gives me hope ☺️

I am so happy to have you all here! I would love to hear all about where you are at in your toxin free journey in the comments! 💕

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