5D2C03C6-1555-4AFA-9AEA-B271073D5816Hi, I’m Lauren, a thirty-something wife and momma (to a human and a fur baby), with a passion for all things toxin free! I am genuinely happy that you have stopped by! I began searching to eliminate toxins in my home about 9 months ago, but the truth is I was conscious about the harmful chemicals in our everyday products long before that. It can be overwhelming when you realize that we have to be our own advocates in this world, and that not every product we purchase has our best interest in mind. So in order to help myself and my friends and family  make the switch to a cleaner, greener lifestyle, I started Glam & Green. You can find everything from recommendations for safe cleaning products all the way to my personal favorite topic: cosmetics. Thanks for visiting my tiny corner of the Internet, I hope you have an awesome day!



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  1. Who can resist a beach? So far our favorite ones have been in the south of France. Thanks for stopping by our site and sharing your thoughts!

  2. Have yet to make it to the south of France…but that is definitely on my to-do list!

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