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I’ve been putting this post off for almost a year now! It’s been hard for me to sit down and write out, because there are no perfect options available at the moment. This is so frustrating to me, because in other areas, like makeup and cleaning, I am able to confidently provide alternative options for …

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Zero Waste Facial Bar

♻️ Where are my ZERO WASTE gals at?! ♻️ We have some NEW CRUNCHI PRODUCTS available NOW! 💖 This is a pretty exciting day, because the next phase of Crunchi’s Skincare Line is here! The last time Crunchi launched skincare was back in August when I first joined (Daylight and Nightlight…unless you count Sunlight which I guess is …

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Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

☀️ I get several inquiries a day on what to look for (and what to steer clear of) when it comes to sunscreen, so I am going to do a little breakdown for y’all using Coola Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Spray in SPF 30! ☀️ First of all, the name alone makes me wanna buy this! It …

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Toxin Free Diapers

👶🏼 Have you ever given much thought to what diapers are made up of? 👶🏼 Ummmm…this is something that didn’t even occur to me when we first had Juliette. Our main goals were:1️⃣ No leaks/explosions lol2️⃣ Cheap!3️⃣ Quick delivery if ordering online What I never took into consideration was the make up of the typical diaper. Most popular brands contain …

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Crunchi Mother’s Day Sale!

💐Mother’s Day is on the horizon! 💐 We have a handful of A M A Z I N G Crunchi gift sets available for a limited time! As most of y’all know, we rarely have bundles or items on sale so make sure to take advantage of these awesome sets! Please let me know if y’all …

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DIY Under Arm Detox

❓Why do an armpit detox ❓ Wellllllll, what deodorant actually does is mask the smell of bacteria that comes from sweating. If you are still using an antiperspirant, the purpose of that is to reduce actual sweating. The armpits are the entry and exit point of the body, so things can get pretty smelly around there. 👃🏻 …

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